Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Oh Christmas, How I Do Hate Thee

I'm fine now, but once the school closes down, it'll kick in fully. Everyone will be spreading holiday cheer, and I'm going to try not to overtly show my disdain. I can't like Christmas, in principle. On a larger level: I'm against buying gifts out of obligation, I abhor the commercialization of the season, and I'm not a Christian. Then there are the small-scale reasons why I hate this time of year. I don't like most Christmas songs. I don't like receiving gifts. I don't like how all stores are crowded with frantic shoppers. I already hated shopping. I don't like the deadline of buying and submitting gifts on a particular day. I don't like spending money. I don't like treating this day as if it is so sacred that it absolutely must be spent doing specific things with specific people. I hate the structure of it.

If I want to make my friends feel important and special to me, I just do it. No holidays required. I love picking up things that I know they'll need or want. I love writing them pleasant notes to get them through their days. I love being here when it is that they need me, and not when a holiday tells me I should be. I love being a great friend. I just hate doing these things for any other reason than because I want to.

Holidays feel like an excuse that I never needed, or asked for.
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