Monday, 8 December 2008

The Pointlessness of a Blog

I used to write daily in my journal, and capture my thoughts, feelings, and snippets that got incorporated into my future poems. It's not that I have less to say, because that is certainly untrue. I just find that my outlet has changed. I consider it to be a reflection of the strength in the relationships I have with all of the people in my life: the older I've gotten, the better I've gotten at communicating and sharing. I was such an introvert in my teen years. Now I can barely handle not having people around me. What I used to wrestle with alone, I now flesh out with other people. It's more effective. It's like finding a collaborative solution. Well, it's exactly what it is. The only problem is when we don't come up with a solution I like. Hm.

I suppose, just to be a jerk, I could say that the "friends" that I had in the earlier stages of my life were aweful "collaborators" which is why I looked inwardly for solutions, rather than externally. =D Recalling these people, I wouldn't say this is untrue at all.

So then, why write to myself? Why do I still like it, or now feel so suddenly inclined to start up again?
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