Thursday, 17 September 2009


In moving this past month, I stumbled upon two old journals of mine.  Each was from a different time in my life, spanned a period no greater than a year, and boasted (on average) bi-weekly entries.  Each had a different outlook on life, love, friendship, my future.  I found it interesting that there could be no overlap whatsoever between them, and more interesting that there was no reference in the more recent one to any events captured in the older one.  So, when I went for a walk through The Valley the other morning, I grabbed one of them and put in a new entry.  It has been five years since the last entry and I don't plan to ruin the gap by mentioning anything that happened in it.

When this journal is full, I'll probably go back and do the same thing with the other.  I am curiously tickled by the prospect of having the history of my thoughts and feelings divided like this.

I have had two other blogs that I treated similarly to these journals. I had also posted quite a bit on MF.  To some, a blog is a diary, and online posts are a personal forum.  I disagree.  Blogs are public journals.  Forums are fixes for my boredom.  Neither are repositories for my deepest thoughts.  I post things that I think that I would like to share with anonymous readers.  In the case of my MF posts, I had only our audience of a particular eight people in mind.

I suppose that all I want to say is that I am aware of the publicness of this forum, and hope no one becomes deluded into thinking that he/she "knows" me from only reading it.
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