Monday, 23 November 2009


Fake it till you make it! A mantra from our high school instructor.  It was a reference to the strange behaviour of the atom.  You may not understand what's going on in the conventional sense, but you're in good company.  You have equations that work - use them.

It takes a lot of faith to fake it till you make it.  It's a blind guiding principle.  You have to either be ignorant or really trust the people who are telling you what to do.

Fake it till you make it! he preached, but not even he made it.  I don't think that some things ever become clearer.  Can you live with yourself knowing that your action was based on blind faith or that your inaction was the debilitating consequence of your skepticism?  The answer really depends on what you prefer: memories of things that you did or a clear conscience, knowing that you were cognizant of the consequences every step of the way.  There is a middle-ground, I know, but each particular decision seems to be an either/or.
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