Monday, 2 November 2009


I never knew patience.  I wasn't raised to [deferring of accountability by blaming parents - check!].  So now as an adult, I find it exceedingly difficult to do anything with consistency.  Patience is a prerequisite for success that I failed.

My work, study, eating, workout and social habits were built on indulging.  I worked, studied, ate, worked-out and socialized until I dropped!  Graphically, if I had compiled historical data and I could plot my effort as a function of time, we would see the recurrence of the following pattern: short periods of nothing, quick (accelerating/decelerating) rises that settle for months at plateaus, then sudden drops back to zero.

I'm hoping that calling myself out on it publicly will help me fix it.  A lot of wheels in motion!  The worst thing for me to do now is lose momentum.
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