Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I imagine that at some point in the future I'll want to write a narrated version, but right now, all I'm aiming to do is actually list everything we did.  There was a lot.  It's hard to keep track.

*We checked out the boat show at Balboa Boat Parade.

*We visited the Hearst Castle.

*We drove all along the California Coast via the Pacific Coast Highway.

*We stayed in the Club Suite at the Parc 55 in San Francisco! We had an awesome view of the city.

*In San Fran, we rode the trolley, did a tour of Alcatraz, got a private tour of PIXAR, went shopping, did a double-decker bus tour of the city, visited the Aquarium On The Bay, looked at the seals, and generally just spent time at Fisherman's Wharf, and shopping downtown at Union Square.

*I drove from San Francisco to Orange County.  The scenery was much more beautiful than I had expected.  It was fun flying by it all going 160km/hr.  Oh yeah!

*We had Christmas dinner in the hotel lounge.  It was sad.

*We made up for it by playing Secret Santa!  It was fun.

*We spent Christmas Day at Disneyland!

*We did a tour of L.A. which included fun stuff like walking on the Walk of Fame, taking photos by the HOLLYWOOD sign, shopping on Rodeo Drive, and lunch at Venice Beach.

*We had purchased a 2-day pass for Disneyland, so we went back for a second day.  I got to go on a lot of cool rides.  By far, the Tower of Terror and the Indiana Jones ride were the best!

*We did a day trip to Tijuana!  We shopped and drank tequila on Revolucion St.

There's probably a lot that I'm missing, but I just wanted to get as much down as I could remember.  I'll probably remember even less tomorrow...
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