Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I've been an atheist since I first read the God is Dead excerpt from Nietzsche's The Gay Science.  For years, I teeter-tottered between theism and agnosticism, and similarly between whether or not I consider myself a hypocrite.  I mean, after all, I did go to a Catholic High School, do readings at all of the masses, and accepted the Christian Leadership Graduating Award.  At the time, I just considered the readings and the leadership roles practice.  They were opportunities for me to get experience and do things that I enjoyed doing.  It just so happened to be the case that they were "Christian" events.  Should that have stopped me from participating?  I almost want to go on a rant complaining that the only reason why there are no advocacy atheist groups is because atheism isn't something that congregates its adherents ... but I won't.

I find it unfortunate sometimes that I was put into a situation where I felt pressure to keep my opinions to myself, and other times I realize that there are worse fates.
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