Monday, 15 February 2010

February 14, 2010

What is it?  To millions, it was Chinese New Year, and to millions more, it was Valentine`s Day.  Either way, it was a day of celebration.  Now with Canada's latest greatest statutory holiday - Family Day (celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February) - this long weekend had the makings of a 'May 2-4' or Labour Day long-weekend, whether or not you were 'in love'.

What power there is in a day.  Some days are celebrated monthly, some annually, bi-annually, and so forth by the Gregorian Calendar, or fiscal calendar, or Chinese Calendar, and so forth.

Calendars.  Regularity.  Recurrence.  Schedules to commemorate a future day.  Reasons to remember a past day.  Calendars give days power.

February 14, 2010.  It is the 14-year anniversary of my grandmother's passing, and the day my father went into cardiac arrest.
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