Tuesday, 6 April 2010


There was a moment yesterday when I popped onto the website for the dealership where I bought my car and started to look at their inventory.  I started to peek through the cars looking for an inexpensive little sporty vehicle that would have great mileage.  I paused.  I don't want a car.  I love my car.  Why am I ... That's when it hit me.  I used to always just keep an eye out for something for my dad.  After his car broke down, he didn't need a new car because both Marlene and I each had cars, and between the three of us, two cars were more than enough, so he never replaced it.  But I knew that it would make him happy to have his own again.  So I kept feeds in my google reader for postings, and occasionally checked out the dealership where I got my car.  I closed the site and went back to work, but I still feel very strangely about it.

I wonder for how much longer I will go on occasionally forgetting that he isn't here.
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