Monday, 28 June 2010


I was reading an old Chatelaine magazine today in the waiting room of my mom's eye specialist.  There was a full article on being happy, and a bullet-pointed list of the things that happy people do to keep themselves happy.  I read it skeptically, but I figure, well, there's no harm in doing some of these things.  I have been, after all, pretty miserable for a long time now.

There was the obvious one which said to get exercise.  Sure, no problem.  Another thing they recommend we do is list a couple of things that went right and things that I enjoyed every day/week.  Seems simple enough.  Except on weeks where my laptop unexpectedly dies when I'm trying to write a paper, I discover I owe more money to cover the cost of incidental fees for class, I get into an auto collision that's not my fault but that I could be blamed for because there were no witnesses, etc... [and OMG does "etc" really mean "et cetera"], it's hard for me to dig through and find the things that went well.  I have this sneaking suspicion that they're numerous but tiny, including such things as "I ate" and "I woke up", and that that's why I can't find them.  They're such normal parts of every day that it's hard to give them any credit as being something worth being happy about.
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