Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I think it's absolutely fucking ridiculous that in all of my requests for financial help over the years, I always get nailed for making too much money.

What do institutions want from me?  Oh, right, I know: be destitute so that I can be eligible for the scraps that they offer me, as if they are helping me by forcing me into a corner.  As if I were lying about the financial costs, and demands on my time as a caregiver for elderly parents with no other family and no other resources.  I work and make an honest living, but apparently, I'd only be eligible for help if I didn't, and were on welfare.

Well, fuck you, system.  Fuck you.  Just say what you really want to say: I'd rather you go into debt than provide help to you in developing a foundation in life from which you could actually potentially build a future.  This is because I let poor people just barely stay afloat.  If we helped people who worked for a living, well, they might actually get somewhere.

These are the real messages you're sending with the rules that you have set up.


NB:  My opinion on going into debt for education is that you shouldn't.
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