Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Subway - Eat Fresh!

Back in 2002, I used to manage a team of salespeople. One day, I stepped out to have lunch with one of my new recruits. We went to Subway. We decided that we'd share a footlong cold cut sub, as it would be cheaper. He asked me how I'd like it dressed, and I distinctly remember thinking "There's no way one can go wrong..." as I said "You decide - I'll eat anything."

Five minutes later, I discovered how wrong I was. Even with a small set of options, I learned that day that there existed at least one way that you can go wrong. Over time, it only ever became clearer to me that, in fact, there are many distinct but similar combinations that I simply do not enjoy.

The problem is that even the simplest things can cause controversy. People never fail to surprise me in how they can differ in opinion so greatly with me on points that I didn't imagine possible.

You can still be wrong about things that seem clear. What's obvious and understood to me may not be to you.
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