Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas Shopping

I drove downtown to have lunch with a friend the other day. Our plan was to meet at the restaurant, so when I got into the area, I went to park in the nearest Green P parking lot.

I circled the lot before I chose a spot - I wanted to ensure that I got the best one. Anyway, when I got out of my car to go buy a ticket, I noticed a 2000-ish purple Chevrolet Cavalier that had its front passenger window completely smashed.

From where I was, I couldn't see if there were still shattered bits of glass around. I thought, sure, there existed the possibility that it was cracked before being parked in that lot... but it was snowing, and if it had been, I'm sure the owner would have at least taped it up to protect the upholstery from the snow.

The way I saw it, the worst case scenario was that it was done that day.  Since it was by far the oldest, and least well-kept car in the lot, I figured that the vandal either targeted this person or was a thief and took something sitting in the seat.  So, I figured that my car was safe so long as I left nothing sitting on the seats.  Accordingly, I hid everything in my trunk.

After lunch, as I walked through the parking lot to my car, I noticed a bright blue Toyota Yaris that wasn't parked there when I first parked, and whose front passenger window was completely smashed in.

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