Monday, 10 January 2011


For the last month, according to Rogers' records, my phone has sent upwards of a 1000 sms' to shortcodes 89824 and 89825.  This would be fine, except that I didn't send these messages, and there is no record of my sending them on my phone.

Three days, 5 Rogers Tech and Customer Service people with 5 different recommendations (including the addition of costly Rogers Wireless features, a factory reset, and changing my phone number) later, still no fix that has worked.

All I want to know is:
1.  What these shortcodes are
2.  How it would have started so that I can prevent it going forward
3.  A surefire fix

Until I have answers, I don't know who to hate.  Rogers?  RIM?  a third-party application?  all of the above?

I just got another recommendation from a tech person.  Here's hoping it actually works...
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