Friday, 4 March 2011

Apathy and Agnosticism

Voter turnout is affected by a variety of socio-economic and hereditary factors, but I've always taken Canada's ever-decreasing rate as a sign of its general political stability.  What is political apathy, after all, if not a symptom of a content society?  and what better way is there to celebrate contentment than to not take action (i.e. vote).  No vote is a vote for the status quo.

Ah, sweet, ignorant indifference.  What does it matter if it is a Conservative or Liberal government if our general standard of living is upheld?  What about ethics and morality?  Questions surrounding freedom of speech and disclosure?  Privacy?  Rights?

It's easy to be indifferent when the consequences don't directly affect your life, or anything you think about.  Holding an opinion becomes an intellectual exercise.  What would I do if... ?

All it takes is one event to throw you into a circumstance where you can definitively see how politics noticeably affects your life.  When that happens to you, how can you go on being indifferent?  How can your opinions remain only intellectual exercises?  They become your reality.  You can either rise to the challenge, or cower in shame.

I hid for months out of a confused and misguided sense of remorse.  I had been terrorized into silence.  Well, silence won't speak the truths that need to be told.
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