Saturday, 5 March 2011


The older I get the clearer it becomes how affected I have been by the opinions of those around me throughout my entire life. I can see it  in my blogs and my personal journals.  I see how others' opinions affected my definitions of success, the goals I set and dreams I had.   It has taken me years to realize that I disagree, and to discover what really makes me happy.  Most importantly, it's taken me years to have enough humility to swallow my pride and fail in others' eyes.

But as much of a barrier as our pride can be, we still need it. Without it, we may crumble. What is 'dignity' if not a sense of pride?

So, to what degree do we concede (swallow our pride)? Or to what extent do we persist (keep our dignity)?  What's sad is that there is no chosen point on the spectrum of answers that can be defined as the optimal spot.

"Success" is relative, and not necessary for "happiness".


But if this is the case, then how do we set a goal and aim for it? How do we guide our actions The answer must be subjective, but that's not really settling. It feels arbitrary.

I hope all of you find this as troubling as I do.
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