Friday, 17 June 2011

Risk, Favours, and Misrepresentation

When opportunities come, before you accept or reject them, it's important to ask yourself 'why'.  If I reject one, I do it without regret of missing out on the pros, and if I take it, then I do it fully cognizant of the cons.  There is a lot of consideration to be taken.

I've done aggressive sales.  Opportunities can be sold as a big picture, a logical path, an opportunity for personal growth, etc... depending on the person you're selling it to.  People are differentially satisfied, and what's important is that that person's concerns are satisfied.  A 'pro' for one person may be a 'con' to another.  Decision-making is very subjective.

In searching for advice, I've found the best question to ask myself was "What do your instincts tell you?"  It's a great question.  I can draw out all of the trees of possibilities, but in the end, I have an inclination.  It's important to understand why that inclination exists, whether it be negative or positive.  The answer would be very telling.

It's difficult to put yourself out there by going after your dreams and giving everything you've got to try to make them come true.  It's similarly as difficult to put yourself out there and say what you're really thinking, and feeling.

Well, life's true pleasures can only be unlocked when we do both.  Here goes nothing... Or perhaps, rather, "there it went..."
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