Saturday, 12 November 2011


I overheard a slowed-down, feminine cover of The Beatles' I Wanna Hold Your Hand in passing today.  It left me itching to Youtube the song when I got home.  I ventured to find the cover I heard.  Upon searching, I stumbled upon a video from Glee of Kurt singing this song about his father.

I had been singing the lyrics "Oh yeah, I'll tell you something/I think you'll understand/When I say that something/I want to hold your hand" in a romantic context all day, that this version of the song struck me.  In the episode that it aired, Kurt was singing it to his unexpectedly potentially terminal father.  Watching this video, and listening to him sing this song made me think of my dad.

I know it's trouble to pinpoint a moment as the cause of something.  (That is, why stop at that moment?  Why not any one of the infinitely many other moments preceding it?  For some prereading if I ever get into my thoughts on this topic, see P. Lipton on Contrastive Explanation and causal triangulation.) But my father's passing effected a lot of change.

I had said that calendars give days power when my father went into cardiac arrest on Valentine's Day 2010 because every anniversary of that date was going to be a reminder.  But I neglected to consider the effects time, and new memories. Calendars remind us, but they don't affect how we feel about the memory.

Next week is the first anniversary of when my life turned upside down, but next Thursday will mark a far more important date for me for now, and for every year thereafter.  So much can happen in a year.  Here's to new beginnings!
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