Monday, 30 January 2012

Definitions of Comedy and Serendipity


"Lending" out a $64 Kindle ebook that I only need for a paper due tomorrow to a student in my class that didn't have a copy of the book only to discover that (1) "lending" an Amazon Kindle ebook revokes your own access to the ebook during the full loan period, (2) that access is still revoked even if the lendee did not yet "accept" the loan, (3) that Amazon Kindle does not have a "Cancel" feature for sent book loans (confirmed with Amazon rep over the telephone), and that the book will be unavailable to me until the sooner of the "return" the book from the lendee, or the expiration of the two week loan period, (4) only the lendee can "cancel" an ebook loan, (5) loan offers cannot be resent, and so finally (6) if the lendee does not receive the email (for whatever reason), there is no way to cancel a loan.  That is, even though my kind peer would like to help me out and give me back access to my $64 ebook that I only need for the next day by "returning" it to me, he can't because he never received the original email.


Having typed out the book to myself while reading it a couple nights ago so as to ensure that I would pay attention while reading. (Thank you, mom, for teaching me how to type so well when I was so little.  This has become a very handy skill!)
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