Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lost Books

I was unpacking my books today.  I love my book collection.  It consists of excellent references for my papers.  What's startling is what's missing.  I can't find some of my faves, or rather, some books I was planning on referencing for some papers.  Now, it's true that I've mostly also purchased ebook versions for them for convenience, but ... I .. love . my . books.

Where did my copy of Stillman Drake's Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo go?  Bertrand Russell's Science and Religion? or his Unpopular Essays?  his Problems of Philosophy?  etc... etc... etc... GAHHHHHHH!

As well, my copies of Peter Kosso's Appearance and Reality: Intro to Phil of Physics and Peter Godfrey-Smith's Appearance and Reality have gone missing.  The former was a recommendation by one of my favourite Philosophy of Science profs.  I found the latter by searching to see what other high profile universities used as introductory texts. Amazing books.

I am so disappointed and upset about this. I cite them regularly and I can't find them!

I understand that moving has its frustrations.  This is one of them, and it will probably keep me upset for days.
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