Thursday, 2 February 2012


(Originally published October 22, 2011)

I shared with you everything I had; I'd have died for you.
I poured out my heart and my soul and I cried for you.

I ended friendships and said good-byes for you.
And with tireless hope did I try for you.

And all this could have worked if true love were one-sided,
Or if you had tried similarly to how I did.

I suggested, then whispered; I spoke till I screamed!
While trying to be everything that you dreamed.

But you belittled, berated, provoked then ignored me.
Then you made me feel like you did all that for me.

Like I was unable to succeed without you.
And I was too weak to speak out or doubt you.

That I vented, reflected, gave up.  Then I grew
Out of the constraints that I felt loving you.

Love is more than self-sacrifice, and not necessarily life-long.
Love enables, enlightens and makes you feel strong.

So, I will greet the world with hellos; not deny it.
I will embrace every new opportunity before trying it.

I am going to live for love; not die for it.
I'm going to feel free; not cry for it.

And I guess I'm reiterating what we already knew:
That it's time I accept that I stopped loving you.
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