Sunday, 8 April 2012


I said I didn't want those around me to fear that I may blog about them.
I said I didn't want to get into the habit of overblogging, and turn into a Twitter-shitter.
I said I didn't want the information that I shared publicly to be redundant across platforms.  That is, I wanted to thoughtfully coordinate between all of my Social Media accounts.
I said I wanted to use Social Media, but that I also wanted to preserve a degree of privacy.

But I do want to capture a lot of what I see and hear and experience everyday.  I have travelled a lot this past year, dined in some very memorable places, taken a lot of pictures, met a lot of interesting people, experienced a lot of interesting things.  I don't want to forget them.  But it's more than that - I want to remember them, share them, get insight, and I want all of that to be easy.  It is getting tiring trying to think of which social media tool to use, and how to set my privacy settings.

And now with my Samsung Galaxy Sii, I don't think it'll get much easier to streamline the use of my Social Media. (Take this from someone who has had every major Smartphone since the launch of the Palm Treo 600.)

So, it begins...  For ease-of-use, I went with Facebook authentication.  I couldn't get rid of authentication altogether because it makes managing spam impossible, but this should make things somewhat easier.  If you don't have a Facebook account, well, you don't need one...

To minimize redundancy, I've done several things: (1) comments Posted on Facebook under any of my posts will be imported to appear on my blog, (2) I will post almost exclusively on my blog, and minimally elsewhere, (3) I have posted links to my other social media accounts from my blog.  My blog, with assistance from Facebook, will be where I now centralize my Social Media activity.

Questions that spring to mind:

1) Shall I continue to post my dining experiences exclusively to Google+?
2) Shall my Foursquare conquests be exclusively shared through Twitter?  or even remain my sole check-in medium?
3) What will become of my Youtube account?  my LinkedIn?  my MySpace?

Only time will tell.
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