Sunday, 1 July 2012

Failed Audition Video Attempt

A while back, my sister sent me this link: It's for some Filipino singing contest. I hate these sort of things, and given that I have to probably do a tonsillectomy this year, next week, I will start wearing an oral appliance 'round-the-clock for my TMD, and after that, get orthodontics, I didn't think now was the time. To boot, I spent the week prior to the submission deadline immobilized with migraines. In any event, at 10 pm last night - 2 hours prior to the submission deadline - I decided to just give it a shot. We walked over to Eglinton GO Station to record. (I find the waiting booths at track level to have excellent acoustics.) And with one take, we were (sorta) done. I thought 2 hours would be more than enough time to troubleshoot any technical issues... Suffice it to say, it's 17 hours later and I can't get the video converted to a smaller filesize and I can't get the original mp4 rotated to view properly in WMP. Whatever. Here's the video for your listening pleasure (and sadly not for any competition):

*Edit*: My dear friend Michelle very kindly was able to make the appropriate edits and submit my video on my behalf.  I love you, Michelle!
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