Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What is it?

I don't want a "boyfriend".  I don't check-in with anyone before I do something.  I like this freedom.  I like the opportunity to say yes.  

I need trust, respect, loyalty and honesty.  I also know what I am incapable of: I can't rearrange my life for anyone.  I can't play housewife.  I can't be a man's date for every event he attends.  I do what I please.  But is it so unfair of me to ask of the rare man to submit to some form of "commitment" - in the vaguest sense of the term - to me, and vice versa, amidst the freedom that I want and would give?  Could we not share intellectual interests, but not participate in all of the rest of the garbage - the obligatory, unnecessary, meaningless actions that typically define a relationship - that I abhor?  Could that alone not make me a "girlfriend"?

I would like for it to be enough.  I really would like to be that kind of girlfriend.
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