Monday, 18 March 2013

Randoms Cuss at My Gus

I recently purchased a Smart Car.  I named him Gus. Something about it made me want to call it Gus.  (There are pictures of Gus in my Instagram gallery.)

The view from Gus' passenger seat.

We are all creatures of habit, I think, to some extent.  (I don't know, off-hand, how true this is.  I am not a neuroscientist, and where normally, I would take a moment to look up some documentation to support such a statement, on this, I will just go by anecdotal evidence.)  As much as I do spontaneously, there are just some strange things that I am very consistent about.  One such thing is where I go to tank up.  There is an independent, full service shop near my place that has very low rates.  Unless I'm in another city, or there are unmitigated circumstances, this is where I go to tank up.

The other day, I had my window rolled down while I was tanking up, and I overheard a gentleman say "Fucking Smart Car" under his breath, as he walked past.  He didn't look at me, or the car.  He wasn't looking to instigate anything.  He just ... said it as he passed, and I just happened to hear it because I had my window rolled down.

What's interesting is that since this little incident, I've noticed that this actually occurs often.  If I'm sitting parked in my car, and people walk by, I can see at least one person mouth the words "Fucking Smart Car."

I shouldn't be surprised.  This purchase has polarized my friends, and been a source of amusement for my co-workers.  I just wanted an inexpensive vehicle that was good on gas in a traffic-heavy city where I prefer to drive, and am often alone when I do so.  I didn't think anyone (or everyone) would care so much about this purchase.

In a city plagued by traffic and unreliable transit, I find it remarkable how much hate there is for the Smart Car.

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