Wednesday, 29 January 2014

So Long, Frederick

I traded Gus in just before the big 'Ice Storm of 2013'.   Good thing, too.  I don't know how well he would have held up in that storm.

The thing was, in my haste to complete the trade, I wound up leaving several many personal effects in the vehicle.  One such item was my toy Plants vs. Zombies conehead zombie, whom we (I and the Boyfriend) affectionately named Frederick.  I noticed Frederick was missing only days later when I thought of him.  I kept him in Gus' trunk as he was part of our driving amusement and nothing more.  Given my generally unpleasant dealings with the car dealer, I elected not to go back to rescue him.  It was sad, but I decided that a $10 toy from HMV was hardly worth the effort.

Today, over a month later, I thought I'd check in on the sale of my old car.  I popped open that dealer's website, found the ad for Gus, began to scroll through the pictures and was very amused to see this one:

Frederick!  Laying prettily to the left of the steering column.  So close, yet so far.  

I'm not sure why the dealer would let Frederick remain in the vehicle while photographing it for sale.  I am happy to know he wasn't just thoughtlessly discarded.  I feel a bit of disappointment knowing that he's there, and that I'm unwilling to go back for him.  But mostly, I'm inspired by the prospect that the little guy is fated for more adventures, beyond what he experienced with me.  

So long, Frederick.

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