Monday, 28 June 2010

Toronto Life

It isn't every day/week/year that an earthquake and G20 riots shake Toronto.  I thought it best I document what I was doing as I will likely want to recall this week years from now.

I'm disappointed to report that during the earthquake, I was at work watching my monitor shake, and yesterday during the riots, I was home sifting through personal documents.

I probably wouldn't even have checked-in with the world had my sister and mom not stopped by for dinner.  When I turned the radio on to hear about all the commotion, I was so disappointed that I wasn't down there taking videos.  Except for perhaps Immigration issues, I don't think there was any bandwagon that I would have jumped on, and even then, I wouldn't have because I don't think  that a protest is the right forum.  I just wanted to be in the heart of the rare action that Toronto sees.  Oh well.  I'm safe?  I'll find consolation in that.


I've finally decided to sit down and go through all of my filing.  They have been in disarray since I moved in with Daniel (September 2008).  Well, "disarray" as in "divided": there are the pre-Daniel files, and the post-Daniel files.

In setting out about this task, I had wanted to merge them into one huge unified system.  But I changed my mind.

I cracked open the filing cases, and found neatly organized bank statements, credit card statements, bills, pay stubs, tax documents,  and more, all dating to as far back as 2001 - the year I started University.   Well, there were my bank statements from high school, but I changed banks before starting University, and I had no interesting documents until 2001.

So, I peeked through them all.  I looked at what I spent money on.  I expected to find generally irresponsible purchases reflecting youth and negligence, but what I actually found was lists of transactions resembling my current spending, except now I have perhaps 5x the income.  Ok, so maybe it was negligent to spend that way without the income I have now..  But it was still interesting to see that I haven't changed very much: I love to watch movies, eat out at least once per week, I buy electronic toys, and I like to go away on one big trip every 1.5-2 years.  I'm ... predictable.  And apparently, I've been so for many years.

I suppose this shouldn't be a big surprise.  It just is because I felt like the last 10 years of my life were very formative, and that I'd grown and changed a lot, and further that a lot of things in my life had changed.  But I guess some things never do.

As for the files, I'm scrapping most of them.  I admit that it's hard to just discard my neat and well-kept files, but ... why keep them?  Without them I can entertain the myth that my metamorphosis into adulthood was more interesting than the documents would declare.
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