Wednesday, 25 January 2017

2016 Year in Review

I am late in doing this.  I haven't been well.  I've been ill for weeks.  Being bed-ridden for weeks, you have nothing to do but rest and think.  I thought about the last year, and how eventful it was. I'll post this in bullet points, the way I usually do at the end of each year:
  • I got my current job.
  • I did a Polar Bear Dip for a fundraiser. (I am afraid of water.)
  • I took a solo vacation to Cayo Largo, Cuba.
  • I coordinated a committee of volunteers and organized an ad hoc reunion event for my high school.  In the process, I reconnected with a bunch of old high school peers and faculty.
  • I won a foosball table.
  • I went with my family for the first time to Lions Camp Dorset.  It was perspective-changing.
  • I cut my hair really short, and have kept it short.
  • While I've been to NYC numerous tines, I visited Queens, NY for the first time this year.
  • I attended my first UFC PPV live event in Toronto.
  • I attended my second live UFC PPV event in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • I got pictures and autographs for several UFC fighters, Ariel Helwani and Bruce Buffer.
  • I met Stevie B, one of my favourite artists from my childhood.  I attended a New Year's Day family gathering at his house, where they served filipino food and did karaoke.<3 .="" li="">
  • I met dozens of other UFC-obsessed fans who also travel solo to UFC events.
There's probably more, and I'll update this as I remember.

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